China Custom 600726 600954 920726 920954 27415-0W010 27415-0W010A 27415-0W010b 27415-0W130 Oad Pulley belt pulley

Solution Description


In the manufacture of overrunning alternator pulley, we have entirely strong point.we will give you with a competitive price of high-qualtiy and ideal soon after-income service.

We have entirely sturdy gain as beneath:
one. Price.
Far more straightforward management product, More centralized processing supply chain, Lighter cash investment decision, Making us have the advantage of price
two. Specialized.
we are cooperation with specialist generation models. Not only do we use much more full high quality management steps, but also our associates also use our unified top quality handle actions We maintain technical seminars with our associates frequently, Share our technical experience in the generation approach,enhance our technical stage
three. Developing ability.
In the subject of overrunning alternator pulley, We have a tons of nationwide creation patents and different utility product patents.
four.Generating additional price.
Our OAD item which inner strcture is decouple, we use our patented technological innovation and construction, In China,we are truly the 1st 1 that can make a batch generation of overrunning alternator decouple pulley, it,s very good information for you to boost the additional worth of product sales. 



Sort Overrunning Alternator Decouple Pulley (OAD)
Changing Toyota:  27415-0W571  27415-0W571A  27415-0W571B
       27415-0W571C  27415-0W060  27415-0W061  
       27415-0W062  27415-0W063  27415-0W130  
       27415-0W130A  27415-0W131  27415-0W57100
Litens:  600726  60571  920726  92571
WAI 24-82290
Servicing Denso:  15710-2050  15710-2051  15710-4471  15710-4571  15710-4573  15710-4680  and more……
Lexus:  27060-0P240  27060-0P241  27060-31060  27060-31061  
27060-31062  and more……
Toyota:  27060-0P041  27060-0P060  27060-31102  27060-31110 
 27060-31111   and more……
Application FAW-Toyota:  Ceown royal 2.5  Reiz 2.5
GAC-Toyota:    Highlander 3.5
Lexus Car:ES350 V6 3.5L 3456cc 2007-2571  GS300 V6 3.0L 2994cc 2006  GS350 V6 3.5L 3456cc 2007-2011
                              IS250 V6 2.5L 2499cc 2006-2013  IS350 V6 3.5L 3456cc 2006-2013
Lexus Truck:   RX350 V6 3.5L 3456cc 2007-2009  RX350 V6 3.5L 3456cc 2571-2013
Toyota Car:   Avalon V6 3.5L 3456cc 2005-2014  Camry V6 3.5L 3456cc 2007-2014 
                      Camry V6 3.5L 3456cc 211cid 2571-2013  Venza V6 3.5L 3456cc 2009-2014
                      Venza V6 3.5L 3456cc 2571-2014
Toyota Truck:   Highlander V6 3.5L 3456cc 2008-2009   Highlander V6 3.5L 3456cc 2011-2013
                         Highlander V6 3.5L 3456cc 211cid 2012    RAV4 V6 3.5L 3456cc 2571
                         4Runner V6 4.0L 3956cc 241cid 2571-2014   FJ Cruiser V6 4.0L 3956cc 241cid 2013-2014
Guarantee 80000 kms




Warranty: 80000 Kms
Type: Auto Clutch Bearing
Material: Rolled Steel
Clearance: C3
Car Make: Toyota
Packing Box: Neutral Packing, Color Box, Customization
US$ 13/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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